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French Design rattan Sofa Bed CF-1819

French Design Sofa

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French Design rattan Sofa Bed CF-1819

Classic French Furniture is back in trend now. As they say “Old Is Gold”. You heard that right. How much modern Home you design, but there’s still a thirst for a classic piece of furniture in you home. Just a single piece of Classic chair, settee, day bed will transforms you home. And every time you look at it, it smiles back at you and the smile, satisfaction on your face is incredible.                                                         Did you know that the daybed is the predecessor of the sofa? That’s definitely interesting considering the fact that daybeds are a relatively new addition to modern households. Who knew that the sofa actually evolved from this obscure piece? The Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Chinese civilizations all gave a lot of importance to this particular piece of furniture. The modern daybed was introduced in the 1500-1600 period in France and it was those particular designs that influence a lot of what we see today. You can find the best design, traditional, classic, French designs or modern day beds at Zebano. Or we can custom make one for you.

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